No Hope – A Song of Survival from Rana Plaza

Three years ago on April 24, 2013, the multi-story Rana Plaza building – home to garment factories that supplied clothes for major clothing brands across Europe and North America – collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 1100 people lost their lives and thousands more were seriously injured and traumatized. As late as two years later, human remains were still being uncovered from the debris.

Despite the Rana Plaza collapse being considered the worst industrial disaster of all time, efforts to improve factory safety in Bangladesh have yet to ensure a safe working environment for its millions of workers. The global fashion industry banks on the fact that we as consumers remain distanced from the conditions under which our clothes our made and the lives it destroys.

No Hope is a song sung by Mahmudul Hasan Hridoy, a now-disabled survivor of the collapse. His words are both a reminder and a warning of the pain and suffering caused by a global fashion industry that continues to expand and profit, thanks in large part to its disregard for the impoverished workers who make its success possible.

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