Photo Exhibition @ The 1961 Gallery

In a few weeks The 1961 gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia will launch an exhibition of photographs taken during my time in Sudan. A description of the work is below. Big thanks to everyone who made this possible!

In 2010, I traveled to South Sudan to work with local journalists in a country where civil war is expected and where speech is far from free. Almost everyone tried to talk me out of it. They told me it was too dangerous and that I would never recover from what I would see there. What I found was something different.

The photographs in this exhibition are snapshots from a journey through some of the most remote communities in South Sudan, taken throughout the year leading up to its independence. They were taken during a long walk to the market on Leer’s cracked earth, during a dance party in Kurmuk, or while biking under a Nuba Mountain sunset. They were taken on a trip through Malualkon market, where a woman selling okra delighted in her photograph, then asked how I would use it to help her. 

So much of what we see in the news about African and Middle Eastern countries only depicts conflict, poverty or disease – likely topped off with a dusty photo of angry protesters or armed rebels on the move. But there’s so much more to it. I hope that these photographs show another part of the story – the faces, landscapes, music and colors that survive beneath war.



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